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Top 5 considerations for temporary event power

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Organising any successful event, whether that’s a music festival, a corporate gathering, or major sporting event, requires a huge amount of planning and consideration. One of the most critical, but often overlooked aspects of event organisation is ensuring a reliable, stable, seamless and sustainable power supply.  Temporary power is not as easy as plug and play; it involves meticulous planning, complex engineering, safety considerations, and sourcing the best equipment to ensure the event runs smoothly. Reliable temporary power is the backbone of any event, and often one of the very first things to arrive on site.  From site lighting and sound systems to food stalls and security, nearly every aspect of your event will need a steady and reliable temporary power system. This article brings together our experience of delivering world class temporary power solutions to help you with temporary power, providing valuable insights for event organisers.  

A well-engineered and considered power plan ensures that all aspects of your event are adequately powered without interruption. This involves selecting the right generators, depending on your power output needs, setting up safe and efficient distribution and cabling networks, and finally, having a robust backup system or contingency plan in place. Professional management of your temporary power not only prevents disruptions and down time but also enhances the overall experience for the attendees.

Temporary power systems are the heart of any event’s power setup. They include generators, transformers, and other equipment that generates and regulates  electricity. The choice of system depends on the event’s size, location, and specific power needs. Planning temporary power solutions for any event involves multiple considerations, including power capacity, distribution, safety, and contingency plans. By understanding and addressing these factors, event organizers can prevent disruptions and ensure a seamless experience for attendees. 

Power outages can have disastrous consequences for events. They can lead to equipment failures, safety hazards, and a negative experience for attendees. In worst-case scenarios, events may need to be cancelled or postponed, leading to financial loss and reputational damage. High-quality power distribution equipment ensures that your power is delivered efficiently and safely to all parts of your site. This minimizes the risks. 

Reliable power distribution ensures that all parts of the event site receive adequate electricity. This involves not just the main power source but also the distribution networks that deliver power to where it is needed most.  Our power distribution equipment includes cables, distribution boxes, and connectors that deliver electricity from the power source to various parts of the event site. High-quality distribution equipment ensures efficient and safe power delivery. Having an effective distribution plan is fundamental and our experts will work with you to design a safe and reliable solution. 

Every drop of fuel counts and you should prioritise optimising your power solution to improve the sustainability of your event and save fuel costs.  If you have previously needed ten generators for your event, even reducing this by one, will generate savings and reduce carbon emissions.  Select a supplier with in-house engineering expertise.  Engineering involves customising the power setup to meet the specific needs of your event, making every drop of fuel count and minimising the impact on the planet. Effective engineering involves really getting under the skin of any event, conducting site assessments and understanding the venue to design a tailored power distribution system.  

Temporary power systems are essential for providing the electricity needed to power various elements of an event. These systems must be reliable, efficient, and capable of meeting the event’s power demands without fail. 

Effective fuel management ensures that generators have a continuous fuel supply, preventing power interruptions. This involves regular monitoring of fuel levels, having backup supplies, and choosing the right type of fuel for the generators. 

When setting up electrical installations for temporary events, it is important to consider factors such as load balancing, cable routing, and protection against weather conditions. Proper planning and installation help prevent electrical issues during the event. Our approach is centred around up-front planning, modelling and using the latest technology to optimise performance. 

When it comes to power generation for events, sustainability is becoming increasingly important in event planning. Selecting sustainable generators that use renewable energy sources or more efficient fuel types, can significantly reduce the environmental impact of an event. Sustainable power solutions not only help in reducing carbon footprints but also align with the growing demand for eco-friendly practices in the event industry. This can include using biodiesel generators, hybrid systems, or even integrating solar panels where feasible. 

Fuel management is critical for maintaining uninterrupted power supply. This involves selecting the right type of fuel, ensuring an adequate supply, and having backup fuel sources available. 

Before the event, we would always recommend detailed planning meetings involving all stakeholders, including your power suppliers, and their engineers. These meetings should focus on understanding the event’s power needs, discussing the site layout, and planning the safe and effective distribution of power to various sections of the event site.  It’s best to walk the site together to fully understand the lay of the land. Not only does this build understanding and trust, but by bringing your event power supplier onboard early, you will benefit from their expertise and there may be savings, efficiencies or a better way of doing things that simply hasn’t been thought of or explored before. Regular progress meetings and site walks are a great way for event organisers to meet the team and build a relationship during the set up.   

By working together, a comprehensive understanding of your event’s power requirements can be developed. This should include the total power load, distribution points, specific equipment needs, and backup power solutions. These documents should be effectively communicated to all parties. 

Effective communication and co-ordination during the event between event control and your power suppliers, and technicians is critical for the success of temporary power setups. Monitoring and communication can lead to identifying any potential problems, before they become critical issues.   

Reliable power is a cornerstone of successful event production and Flow Power Solutions are experts in delivering bespoke solutions for events of all shapes and sizes.  Our engineering expertise and proven track record sets us apart and we would be delighted to help power your event. 

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