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Sustainable temporary power generation

Flow power solutions are leading the industry forward towards a greener future. Having invested in a wide range of sustainable temporary power generators. Our commitment to innovation, particularly in green solutions, reflects a conscious effort towards environmental responsibility without compromising efficiency. Flow Solutions stands as a comprehensive package of design expertise, reliable delivery, strategic support, and innovative green solutions.

Event generators

Biofuel ready generators

Our other sustainable generators include biofuel capability (BOOSTPlus) B5 - B20. Additionally, these generators offer increased fuel economy, keeping your event fuel costs down while maximising performance. Selecting a biofuel will reduce your emissions significantly. We recommend biofuel generators for high demand areas to avoid using diesel.

Hydrogen generators

GEH2 hydrogen generators are a cutting edge product which we are delighted to bring to the UK market. They deliver a 100% green energy solution with zero end emissions. Furthermore, the hydrogen fuel cell is incredibly quiet.

Solar power generation

Our solar power generators can be deployed to create an efficient source of green power. They are fast to install and are available in multiple capacity options. Combine our solar generators with our battery package solutions which range from 10kVA to 500kVA for the ultimate sustainable event power set up.

temporary event power solutions on site

Battery energy storage systems

Beat the rising fuel costs with efficient battery energy storage. Battery energy is silent, efficient and sustainable, giving you a cost effective and green source of power for your event.

Providing sustainable temporary power and HCAV to:

DP World Tour

Flow supplied a wide range of sustainable hydrogen and bio fuel generators to the DP World Tour. Our technical and domestic power solutions played a vital role in supporting broadcast facilities, ensuring seamless coverage of the championship. Notably, the 16th hospitality area exemplified Flow’s commitment to sustainability, powered entirely by renewable energy sources like hydrogen generators and roof-mounted solar panels.

Flow extended services to spectator zones like the Village and Entrance Tents, ensuring reliable power and air conditioning for optimal spectator enjoyment. On the golf course, Flow supplied power for on-course LED screens, contributing to dynamic visuals and real-time scoring information.

Power your event

Choosing us as your sustainable temporary power partner ensures event success while demonstrating commitment to efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Our specialist team of power people are ready to help you engineer a highly sustainable solution.