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Military air conditioning and power solutions

We’re experts in providing military air conditioning, climate control and temporary power. Our military and defence temporary HVAC and power solutions are engineered to withstand the harshest conditions to ensure efficient climate control no matter what the environment. Our air conditioning and cooling solutions are a reliable and durable choice for military tents, workshops, housing and more. Portable, transportable and reliable.

Event generators
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Military grade air conditioning

Our military air conditioning and portable HVAC solutions are engineered to provide precision cooling for temporary environments. Our engineers can quickly develop a solution that’s designed around your space, from a small tent to a fully functioning temporary camp.

Military events

Flow provide sustainable and efficient temporary event power. Our power generators deliver reliable and stable power for a range of military events. We have been trusted to provide temporary power and HVAC for security forces around the globe, most recently the Paris Olympic Games. With an extensive stock of power distribution equipment, cable, ancillary lighting, lighting and generator equipment, we are well placed to manage projects of all sizes.

Working with Flow

We’ve established ourselves as leading suppliers of temporary power supply systems around the world. Our reputation is built on reliability and flexibility, combined with expert engineering solutions and passionate people. 

Engineering Innovation

We provide an expertly engineered, data driven, high performance temporary power and HVAC solution that delivers value for money and reliability.

Expert People

We only recruit top talent. Our team is made up of knowledgeable, experienced power experts who provide a seamless end-to-end experience.

Power for every environment

Advanced military solutions 

Flow provide solutions for modern military operations, including advanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Flow play a crucial role in ensuring the effective deployment of our temporary systems in challenging and critical environments.

Field HVAC

Military HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) solutions are designed for a wide range of structures including field camps and hospitals, forward-operating bases. Our solutions are resilient and robust and can be deployed anywhere across the UK in an instant.

Providing field solutions for the armed forces

Flow provided a complete solution to facilitate training exercises for the MOD, including heating temporary accommodation and training buildings at Copehill Down Village. The solution included an engineering specification for three 16m x 25m temporary training and dining centres and a 15m x 5m small accommodation shelter. In addition, temporary electric heating was provided for a guard house. We delivered a full solution, encompassing power generation, tower lighting, internal lighting, heating and fuel management. The solution was operational for six weeks in a secure military location.

Temporary power generation

We provide reliable, mission critical power.  Flow Power Solutions are a leading provider of generator hire. We specialise in supplying diesel and hydrogen generators to secure and sensitive environments across the UK and around the globe. Our expert engineers will provide the most reliable, stable and sustainable power generation solution for any operation.

Mobile power solutions

We understand that mobility and flexibility are key factors for success in military operations.  From temporary camps to emergency scenarios.  Temporary, portable solutions like HVAC units enable personal to operate effectively in any environment, from extreme heat to freezing conditions.  We can support you with temporary power in any environment across the UK from training exercises to military events.

Efficiency and sustainability 

All our solutions are modern, quiet and sustainable to deliver value for money without compromising performance. Flow power solutions are leading the industry forward towards a greener future. Having invested in a wide range of sustainable temporary generators Our commitment to innovation, particularly in green solutions, reflects a conscious effort towards environmental responsibility without compromising efficiency. 

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