Flow Power Solutions

Temporary industrial power and HVAC solutions

We provide high performance industrial temporary power generation across the UK. Our specialists have an in-depth understanding of the temporary industrial power sector, enabling us to provide reliable, stable power generation, heating cooling and ventilation solutions to critical industrial applications.

Industrial power solutions: Generator hire

Our temporary power solutions include a range of industrial generators, available for hire between 20kVa - 1000kVa. Our fleet is one of the newest, cleanest and greenest in the industry. We stock efficient diesel power generators, sustainable hydrogen power generators and solar solutions. Our expert engineers can also provide a complete power solution including, temporary power distribution, cabling and fuel management.

Temporary industrial HVAC solutions: AC & Heating

In addition to supplying industrial temporary power generation, we are leaders in the temporary installation of industrial heating, ventilation and cooling solutions. When it comes to keeping your industrial operations running smoothly, maintaining optimal temperatures and air quality is essential. Whether you're dealing with a planned maintenance, emergency repair, or seasonal demand fluctuations, we have the experience and resources to meet your HVAC needs.

Working with Flow

Our team of power experts are trusted to  provide temporary power and HVAC solutions to a wide range of industries and technical applications. Our unique approach sets us appart, with our expert engineering solutions and knowledgeable team, we can develop a solution to solve any problem you face.

Engineering Innovation

We provide an expertly engineered, data driven, high performance temporary power and HVAC solution that delivers value for money and reliability.

Expert People

We only recruit top talent. Our team is made up with knowledgeable, experienced power experts who provide a seamless end-to-end experience.

Specialists in industrial temporary power generation

We provide a safe, sustainable and resilient temporary power supply for a wide range of industrial industry sectors. We know every industrial environment is unique, which is why we take a bespoke approach to each project. Our team of experienced technicians will work closely with you to understand your requirements and develop a site specific solution for your industrial power or HVAC requirements.


If you need temporary power on your construction site, look no further. We work with contractors to deliver a reliable and safe site wide temporary power supply. We only use efficient, modern equipment to ensure your site can operate effectively & safely. Ranging from 16 amp single phase up to 125 amp three phase and 120mm to 240mm power lock. Your temporary site power will be installed, commissioned and maintained by experienced operatives who know how to keep up with the demands of the modern construction environment.


Manufacturing facilities can be multi-functional with different sized spaces as well different temperature requirements and different operating needs. We understand that manufacturing activities generate heat, fumes and waste. We engineer bespoke solutions to ensure your manufacturing facility and equipment is kept cool in order to keep your production line moving.

Data centres

Keeping your data centre cool is critical to maintain service and operational performance. Data stored on servers is constantly expanding, therefore increasing server operations and temperatures. If the temperature reaches a critical point, it can lead to catastrophic system outages. We support data centres at every stage of their lifecycle, from construction and commissioning to daily operations and emergency response during peak seasons such as summer and winter. You can rely on Flow to provide the best temporary cooling system for your data centre.

How to prevent a catastrophic power outage

Losing power for any industry will have a significant impact on your operations. If you want to mitigate the risk of a power outage, we can safeguard your electricity supply with a back up emergency diesel generator.

Need a temporary power solution? Let's talk.

If you have an industrial power requirement our temporary power systems can be deployed to meet your power needs. We offer long and short-term hire across the UK.