Flow Power Solutions

Engineering event power solutions.

Our in-house team provide bespoke power engineering solutions. With our capability and expertise we build in safety, reliability and performance into every project.  Our approach to engineering is focused delivering the very best solution to optimise energy performance, save you costs and improve sustainability.

Temporary power, heating and ventilation are critical to the success of any event. We provide a bespoke solution perfectly engineered to your needs, every time.

Event generators
Event generators

Our approach

We create a bespoke solution engineered around your requirements. It starts with concept work, with visual paramateric 3D modelling to enable us to stress test solutions, provide visualisations and simulations to refine and develop a 100% dependable temporary power source for uninterrupted supply and total peace of mind.

We then test, develop and refine our solution with in-depth mapping and modeling to ensure optimum performance.

Always at the leading edge

Our team of engineers benefit from the very latest training and technology to ensure Flow remains at the leading edge of temporary event power and HVAC solutions. From using the most advanced engineering design technology through to understanding and implementing alternative fuel solutions to drive sustainability and improve performance.

We also invest in regular training and personal development to keep our expert team at the leading edge of technology and expertise.

temporary event power solutions on site

Ability to solve complex challenges

Our integrated power solution includes power generation and generator hire, power distribution, fuel services, and HVAC. One of the things that set our solutions apart, is our ability to use design engineering to model a solution which saves you time and money. Our 3D designs allow us to foresee any potential issues in advance and ensure that these are dealt with. So you can have the peace of mind that your power or HVAC solution is as efficient and effective as possible.

Why focus on engineering?

Reduced cost

We will never oversupply equipment. Our solutions are bespoke and designed for maximum efficiency.

Streamlined approach

Hiring the right kit will mean a faster installation, saving you time and money.


Lower fuel consumption can be achieved, meaning your event has less impact on the planet.

Power engineering solutions

Inside our in-house engineering capability

We specialise in providing a complete package to ensure your event is a success. From project management to seamless end delivery and fuel management. The process begins with initial meetings and site surveys with the event organisers, and liaison with various contractors and service providers. A bespoke power or HVAC solution is designed, tested and signed off. Our team of specialist engineers will then undertake the installation, in many cases helping to take an empty field and transforming it into a fully functioning event site.

Engineering sustainable event power and HVAC for the:

DP World Tour

Flow supplied a wide range of sustainable hydrogen and bio fuel generators to the DP World Tour.  Our technical and domestic power solutions played a vital role in supporting broadcast facilities, ensuring seamless coverage of the championship. Notably, the 16th hospitality area exemplified Flow’s commitment to sustainability, powered entirely by renewable energy sources like hydrogen generators and roof-mounted solar panels. 

Flow extended services to spectator zones like the Village and Entrance Tents, ensuring reliable power and air conditioning for optimal spectator enjoyment. On the golf course, Flow supplied power for on-course low energy LED screens, contributing to dynamic visuals and real-time scoring information.

temporary event power solutions on site
Event generators

Engineering a sustainable future

Our commitment to engineering innovation, particularly in green, low energy solutions will never compromise efficiency. Flow is founded on design expertise, reliable delivery, strategic support, and innovative green solutions. 

Choosing us as your temporary power and HVAC partner ensures event success whilst protecting the planet. We eagerly anticipate powering the success of your event, creating memorable and environmentally responsible event experiences with our expertly engineered solutions.

Meet our head of engineering

With a distinguished career in the temporary power industry, Michael Calvert (BEng Hons) brings a wealth of expertise and a commitment to sustainability to our team. As the Head of Engineering, Michael plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency in our power distribution solutions.

Michael leads our R&D efforts, constantly exploring new technologies and methodologies to advance our capabilities and maintain our competitive edge. He is dedicated to the principle of continuous improvement, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within our engineering team.

Michael’s skills in CAD, CAE, and schematic design facilitate the creation of detailed and accurate engineering plans, crucial for the success of our projects. His expertise allows us to optimise airflow and thermal management in our temporary HVAC systems, improving efficiency and reliability.

Michael Calvert’s blend of technical expertise, practical experience and dedication to sustainable practices makes him an invaluable asset to our engineering team and a driving force in our mission to provide innovative, reliable and highly sustainable temporary power and HVAC solutions.

Looking for a bespoke solution

Let us engineer a sustainable and efficient solution for your needs.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how we can help you with the best temporary power or HVAC solution.