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Emergency generator hire. Rapid nationwide delivery.

Need emergency power? As part of the GL events Group, we have access to over 1,000 emergency generators globally to provide a fast, cost effective emergency generator hire service. Whatever your power emergency our temporary power generators will get your business back up and running. Our emergency generator hire services offer the ultimate backup power solution, no matter what the circumstances. Our generators are ready to deliver when it matters most, safeguarding your productivity and peace of mind.

Event generators

Emergency power generation. Ready and waiting.

In times of power uncertainty, a robust power supply isn’t just a convenience, it’s business critical.

If you have a power outage, our emergency team are problem solvers and have the experience and expertise to deal with any emergency power situation. In addition, we have the kit, capability and national network to provide instant power generation in an emergency, wherever you are in the UK. We know that losing power is stressful and we will quickly restore your power supply.

Available emergency power generator kit

As one of the leading temporary power companies in the UK, we stock a wide range of generator hire options and emergency equipment to restore power. We understand that there are situations when you can’t be without power. Hospitals for example need electricity to power life-saving machinery, food businesses need to be able to keep food fresh and IT systems need to be able to power and support businesses throughout the country. Drawing on our extensive engineering expertise, Flow Power Solutions will respond quickly, enabling your business to continue, unaffected by external power challenges.

temporary event power solutions on site

Traditional diesel generator

Our diesel generators are available for immediate hire and we stock 20kVa - 1000kVa generators. They are modern quiet and highly efficient sources of power.

Sustainable emergency power generator

We also stock a range of hydrogen generators and alternative fuel generators. These offer planet-friendly emergency power solutions that reduce carbon emissions without compromising efficiency or response times.

Fuel Management

The last thing you need when faced with an emergency is the prospect of managing and ordering generator fuel. Let us take care of fuel with our remote fuel management and monitoring technology to keep your vital services running.

How to prevent a power outage

We can’t predict a power outage, but we can help you be prepared. You may lose power for a number of reasons such as weather, fires, or equipment failures. Generally these are out of your control. If severe weather is forecast in your area, it can cut power to thousands of homes, businesses and buildings at very short notice. Without power, you risk not being able to supply services or manufacture products. However, if you have a critical need for uninterrupted power, a temporary back-up generator will reduce the catastrophic business risks of power failure. We provide a standby generator rental service to mitigate the risk of a full power cut. Our standby generators will provide a ring of steel for your business operations.

Related services

Flow provide rapid, well engineered solutions across a broad range of sectors.  In addition to emergency generator hire and power solutions, we can help with temporary HVAC systems, providing precision heating or cooling for any application.

Feeling the heat? Emergency AC hire

If you’re looking to hire air conditioning to keep your people and premises cool over the summer months, Flow provide a full temporary cooling solution. We can cool any location from individual offices to large exhibition halls.

Can't face freezing? Emergency heating hire

Our range of portable heating units will instantly warm any space. From large offices through to event exhibition halls, Flow can provide a full temporary heating installation.

Get help. Fast

Whatever your reason for needing emergency generator hire in the UK, we will provide a rapid response without compromising on quality. Our team is ready and waiting to help you: