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Flow Power Solutions are experts in safe and efficient temporary power distribution. We offer a complete portable power solution from simple electrical distribution boards through to complex and bespoke site-wide power distribution for major events. We hold a wide range of distribution equipment for both short and long-term hire across the UK. We can provide stable and reliable power to all corners of your event site.

Event generators

Event power distribution

Flow supplies a comprehensive range of equipment, including; distribution boards, junction boxes, extension leads, plugs, sockets and cabling to deliver reliable and stable event power. We supply a broad range of sectors, specialising in temporary installations for events, venues, and emergency power distribution. Ranging from 13 amp single phase up to 125 amp three phase and 120mm to 240mm power lock with over 1.2km of cable ramp!

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Power generation

Power generation and distribution go hand in hand and we stock a wide range of generators from small 20kVa diesel generators through to twin power, turbo charged 1000kVa generators. Our team are experts and will work with you to understand your power and distribution requirements to provide a perfectly engineered turnkey solution.

Working with Flow

We’ve established ourselves as leading suppliers of temporary power supply systems around the world. Our reputation is built on reliability and flexibility, combined with expert engineering solutions and passionate people.

Engineering Innovation

We provide an expertly engineered, data driven, high performance temporary power solution that delivers value for money and reliability.

Expert People

We only recruit top talent. Our team is made up of knowledgeable, experienced power experts who provide a seamless end-to-end experience.

Distribution delivered

We can transform a green field to a fully connected festival site using our extensive supply of cable and various distribution systems. We will work with you to design a bespoke power solution that gives you exactly the right amount of power, exactly where you need it. Covering stage power, site electrics, distribution, project management.

Biofuel ready sustainable power generator


We supply five single core cable sets of H07RN-F double insulated cable which can be terminated with power lock connections or lugged ends. Power lock cables range from 240mm to 120mm, down to 16 am single phase cable. Our single core cables are designed to seamlessly connect to standby generators, temporary and fixed applications.

Cable containment

At Flow, safety and attention to detail is part of our culture and our extensive range of ramping and containment solutions provides a professional finish. Our cable containment solutions include single defenders up to multi-channel accessible ADA ramp.

temporary event power supplied by flow power solutions

Distribution boards

Our event power distribution boards are robust and reliable to stand up to the British weather! We offer a range of temporary power solutions such as: site power distribution boards, cabling solutions and site transformers. The range includes 32A boards up to 600A sub-main distribution boards.

Providing temporary power and distribution for

Orchard Theatre

Within an impressive three-month timeframe, Flow Power Solutions meticulously designed and delivered temporary power infrastructure  that catered to the demanding needs of their temporary regional touring theatre.

Flow’s expertise ensured that the theatre was fully powered to host major productions, including pantomimes, large-scale musicals, and music productions. We provided temporary power for backstage areas, offices, seven dressing rooms and lighting rigs.

Our meticulous approach and engineering expertise provided a significant fuel saving to the client.

Event generators

Best practice in cable management and distribution

Our team are experts in temporary event power and distribution and our range of industry leading, modern kit ensures electrical safety, rapid installation and ease of handling. Safe and secure distribution is at the forefront of our process. When selecting power distribution units and designing temporary power solutions, we focus on efficiency. Firstly, distance – the more cable used in the installation, the higher the risk and the higher the cost. Secondly, placement – we understand how the site will be used and avoid high traffic areas. Finally, routing to provide the optimum temporary supply we review the site or venue to design a safe and secure cable route.


It is best practice in terms of safety and the prevention of damage to cabling to use suitable ramping. It also helps provide safe vehicle access and overall accessibility for the public.

The distribution equipment you need will depend on the size and scope of your event. Typically, you will need generators, distribution boards, cables, and connectors. It’s important to discuss your requirements to determine the total power load required and ensure all equipment is weatherproof and compliant with safety standards.

Safety is paramount for temporary power distribution.  Use weatherproof and outdoor-rated equipment, and regularly inspect all components for wear and tear. Additionally, create a comprehensive safety plan that includes regular monitoring and emergency procedures. Flow Power Solutions will work with you to provide safe and reliable power distribution.

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