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Industrial cooling systems

Flow provide fast, cost effective and efficient industrial cooling systems and air conditioning units for hire across the UK.

Our cooling engineers will assess your project and requirements to recommend the most efficient and reliable cooling system for your needs. Our experts have a thorough understanding of the demanding challenges of critical temperature control applications. This means we can engineer an efficient solution and provide the cooling equipment needed. Whether you’re looking to supplement existing industrial cooling systems during periods of high ambient temperatures, or during periods of increased cooling demand, we’ll design, commission and maintain a reliable and cost-effective temporary cooling equipment package to keep your business or event cool.

Event generators
Event generators

Event AC and cooling

Our temporary AC and industrial cooling solutions are expertly designed around your event location, venue and temperature requirements. We can also provide ducting and cabling, together with temporary power generation and other equipment needed to give you a completely reliable and resilient event air conditioning system.

Industrial air conditioning hire

If you’re looking to hire air conditioning to keep your people and premises cool over the summer months, Flow can help. We provide a wide range of AC equipment with quick delivery across the UK.  Our flexible short or long-term, rental agreements are ideal for industrial air conditioning. We can keep your office cool in summer or cool your manufacturing plant. Delivered, next day.

Working with Flow

We understand the significance of maintaining optimal temperatures in event spaces and our temporary HVAC and cooling solutions are designed to create comfortable environments for your guests. Our cooling systems are capable of tackling scorching summer temperatures ensuring that your event remains enjoyable and pleasant for everyone

Engineering Innovation

We provide an expertly engineered, data driven, high performance temporary power and HVAC solution that delivers value for money and reliability.

Expert People

We only recruit top talent. Our team is made up with knowledgeable, experienced power experts who provide a seamless end-to-end experience.

Cooling solutions for every environment

Cooling solutions

Flow provides a comprehensive range of cooling solutions for multiple applications. Whether you need cooling equipment to keep things cool during planned maintenance, or in an emergency, we provide a rapid response.

Industrial chiller units

Our eco friendly chiller units provide a cooling capacity of 700 KW, providing cool temperatures from +20°C to -10°C. Meaning we can provide powerful temporary industrial refrigeration and cooling.

Heat pump chillers

A heat pump chiller offers both cooling and heating in one small footprint unit, giving you a duel purpose, heating and cooling solution, without the use of diesel. They are quiet and efficient using variable speed fans to generate and circulate cool air around your venue.

Split AC units

Our industrial air conditioners are perfect for wherever you need cool air. They’re durable and can cool any space, maintaining comfortable temperatures. Importantly, our AC units are quiet, modern and eco friendly. They run at industry-leading levels of sound insulation, making them perfect for use in tents and marquees without disrupting your event.

Providing event HVAC to the

Asian Games

The Asian Games was a major multi-city event. Flow delivered the design and supply of all HVAC, for the Overlay Structures, including the Athletes Village Main Dining Hall and the temporary venue for the Squash Competition. Delivering precision cooling for such a large scale event in Indonesia required all the teams expertise to engineer a solution to keep athletes and spectators cool and comfortable. Our approach focused on collaborating with other contractors to provide energy efficiency, preventing heat transfer from the external environment and robust health and safety management across multiple sites.
Event generators

Setting up your event for summer

Temperatures are rising and traditionally wet weather was the big risk factor for outdoor events. Extreme heat needs to be carefully managed to create a safe and comfortable environment for guests. Is heat on your risk assessment? If not, it should be. Adequate shade and hydration stations are a given but additional event cooling solutions such as portable air conditioning units will reduce the risk of heatstroke at your event. Our low energy consumption AC units can be deployed across your event to ensure safety.


There are many ways to provide efficient cooling for a summer event, we will work with you to find and design the best solution to keep your guests cool and comfortable during your event. We consider things like the available power supply, location, size of structure, event capacity and ultimaltey how you will be using the structure.
We are confident that our engineering expertise, design capability and sustainable kit will make your event more efficient, sustainable and cost effective. By means of example, we have saved up to 60% on a recent event and will work with you to optimise your potential fuel savings.
Flow is a global leader in temporary event power and HVAC. We can provide our solutions worldwide through our global Flow network. Whilst our service is global, we work collaboratively with local providers to offer a seamless experience, keeping transport costs low and sustainability at the forefront of our approach.

Need event air con? Contact us

Our specialists can advise the best air conditioning solutions for your event or commercial requitements. Temporary cooling and ventilation is critical to the success of any event. Our team at Flow Power Solutions can offer  a perfectly engineered solution to your needs.