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Year: 2022 Location: Qatar

Flow, under our parent company GL events, were
appointed as the Official Sites Temporary Power and
HVAC supplier for the FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022, in
August of 2021. As well as this contract, FLOW were also
appointed as the supplier for the Non-Official Sites
Temporary Power.

This was a major milestone in the global development of
Flow as a provider of temporary power and HVAC
solutions as this is the most watched sporting event on the

The contracts covered the design and build of all
temporary power, related to Broadcast, Overlay and Non
Official Sites, as well as the temporary HVAC solutions for
the International Broadcast Centre.

More than 1,000 silenced generators have been deployed
to Qatar, with 4,000 distribution boards and over
1,000,000m of electrical cable.

All of the above were project managed, installed, commissioned and maintained, by a team of more than 400 staff, from across the globe.

The official test event was awarded with less than 15 weeks of notice. The FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021, kicked off in November 2021, 12 months prior to the main event. Although a smaller project the FIFA Arab Cup still comprised of more than 350 silenced generators, 1,700 distribution boards and 200,000m of electrical cable. To execute this in such a short time frame is a testament to FLOW’s ability to deliver world class events, quickly and dynamically.

Asian Games

Year: 2018        Location: Indonesia

Led from the Middle East office, the 18th Asian Games was a major multi-city event with venues in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and more than 500 kilometers away in Palembang.

The project consisted of the design and supply of all HVAC, for the Overlay Structures, including the Athletes Village Main Dining Hall and the temporary venue for the Squash Competition.

FLOW also provided temporary power for the entire Games consisting of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the International Broadcast Centre as well as the broadcast for all televised sports.

One unique element of the temporary power for the Asian Games was the interaction and collaboration with PLN, the Indonesian National Power Provider. This collaboration enabled FLOW to use significant amounts of utility power via mobile transformers, reducing the need for temporary generators for the overlay elements of the Games.


Year: 2023        Location: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

The inaugural International Series England signified a momentous occasion for the Asian Tour, representing its first-ever sanctioned event on UK soil.

Taking place at the esteemed Close House in Newcastle, this $2 million prized event unfolded on the prestigious Lee Westwood Colt Course, which was meticulously crafted by Scott Macpherson.

As designated providers of both interior lighting and site power, Flow were truly honoured to have played such a pivotal role in this high profile golfing event.

As with any major event, preparation was vitally important and organising power was critical. Flow was proud to work alongside GL events UK to support the Asian Tour in ensuring the event was a resounding success.

To accommodate the diverse power demands of this grand occasion, Flow tactically deployed a series of generators ranging from 20kVA to 250kVA in key areas such as fan zones, the TV compound, and various remote spots across the site.

This tailored approach exemplified Flow’s commitment to providing flexible and scalable solutions that cater to every power requirement of its clients.

With installations, electrical sign off, standby cover and de-rig being provided by Flow, the on-site team were there throughout the duration of the event to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Flow’s boots on the ground remained a constant presence throughout the entirety of the event, demonstrating the team’s unwavering dedication to ensuring seamless operations and continuous power supply. In an event of such magnitude, every detail mattered.

Flow’s seasoned professionals ensured that provision of power ran flawlessly, whilst adhering to the highest standards of safety and efficiency to create a memorable event experience for all who attended!

Dakar Rally

Year: 2020        Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A world-renowned event that was first showcased in Saudi Arabia in 2019 where Flow provided the temporary power solution to the Bivouac’s during the various stages of the rally.

Moving into 2020, Flow was awarded the contract to supply the temporary power solution for the starts and finishes at every stage of the Rally. Due to these stages being stationary, for the duration of the event, they had to be supported by large temporary infrastructure.

The villages were comprised of smaller structures and functional areas requiring bespoke temporary HVAC solutions and power supplies.

Flow also designed and installed temporary power solutions for the opening ceremony at the start stage of the rally. Working alongside multiple industry peers, Flow delivered a unique spectacle to launch the second Dakar Rally within Saudi Arabia.

MDL Beast

Year: 2021        Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

MDL Beast Soundstorm is already a major fixture on the Saudi Arabian events calendar, attracting more than 700,000 spectators, over 3 days, during the 2022 festival.

Flow has been involved in MDL Beast since 2020 where we supplied temporary HVAC to one of our clients. However, in 2022 our involvement grew after being directly contracted by the event organizer to supply temporary HVAC and power solutions.

Flow has years of experience in designing and integrating bespoke HVAC solutions and this was utilized seamlessly in keeping with the aesthetics and prestige of the VIP hospitality lounges.

In addition to the HVAC, Flow was also contracted to design, install and commission the temporary electrical distribution and generation required for the hospitality structures and live TV broadcast.

The Saudi Cup

Year: 2022        Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

As the Richest Horse meeting in the world, the Saudi Cup is now the pinnacle of the horse racing calendar. Flow have been involved in the event from its inauguration in 2019 through to the latest edition in March of 2022.

Over those three years Flow has provided both HVAC and Power Solutions to the vast temporary hospitality suites erected specifically for the event. For this temporary power, Flow utilized best in class generators as well as specialist event distribution.

Over the years Flow have delivered solutions that have provided efficient and effective cooling for our client, ensuring that the thousands of spectators remain cool during the racing.

Flow have been extremely privileged to be selected as a supplier for the first three years. This annual event will no doubt only grow in success in the future.

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